Natural Diabetes Cures & Treatments

This website is dedicated to the investigation of  natural treatments that may be used to prevent, control or even cure diabetes. Unlike most websites dealing with the subject, we are not trying to shill some sort of miracle supplement or push you on the path of some particular form of treatment. Our mission is to thoroughly investigate both old and new methods of treating diabetes through natural (and often, seemingly un-natural) means and provide you with the tools you need to make your own, informed health care decisions.

Diabetes: Different Types, Different Treatments

Just as there is more than one form of diabetes (type 1 and type 2) there is more than one form of treatment available today. In fact, there are dozens of books, diets, devices, potions, pills, surgeries and medical procedures that claim to treat or even cure diabetes altogether. Some are promising. Some are downright dangerous. Our aim is to help separate the former from the latter and help you make informed decisions about your diabetes treatment.

Diabetics: Live Healthier, Live Longer

There is a growing body of evidence showing that while many diseases may have genetic links, general all-around health and lifestyle is often the greatest contributing factor when it comes to prevention or treatment of diseases such as diabetes. Generally speaking, a healthy lifestyle consists of a combination of proper nutrition, diet, exercise and avoidance of exposure to deadly, toxic or carcinogenic substances to the greatest extent possible. These all help contribute towards the body’s ability to ward off or fight disease. Many, if not most, natural treatments and cures for diabetes recognize these factors as basic, underlying principals. Maintaining optimal health to begin with is the most simple, economical and safest way to prevent diabetes and most other forms of disease.

Treatment: When Prevention Is No Longer An Option

Unfortunately, for the majority of people reading this, prevention of diabetes is no longer an option. The good news is, there have been hundreds of clinical trials and thousands of documented cases covering numerous forms of diabetes treatment. Whenever possible, we will directly reference actual sources, so that you can use this information to refine your own treatment, in cooperation with your physician or health care provider.

Who We Are

The authors of this website are not physicians, nor do we advocate any particular form of treatment. We are investigative writers and journalists whose aim it is to help diabetics help themselves. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about diabetes and the latest research into treating the disease, the greater your odds are of finding the best possible treatment. The best treatment for diabetes is of absolutely no use to you, unless you know about it. We hope to be an integral part in your own, personal search for a cure to diabetes.